Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Oprah,

In no way do I mean any disrespect to you in respect to my new blog name. Or by the unflattering picture of you that is in my header. I think that it is slightly hilarious. Maybe you would too? I doubt that you will ever be aware of this blog. Unless one day I run for President. And then you don't support me because one time I had a blog with a snarky comment about you as the title and an unflattering photo of you in the header. Which is going to be your loss Oprah...your loss. Because book clubs are supposed to be about unity...the meeting of the minds...how could you not support that?


Sarah Swift


So my cute friend Janelle and I were talking on G-Chat the other day about how we want to be in a book club.

I have tried approximately 27 times to start one with my friends and they are just completely uncooperative. Janelle has made the same efforts, but apparently none of her friends read above a 5rd grade level and I refuse to read Anne of Green Gables again... 

Anyways...we thought that it would be fun to start a book club using the big ol' internet for a meeting place? I am not sure of the format yet, BUT if you want to join, then WOO HOO!

I will update tomorrow with more detail...I just wanted to get this letter to Oprah out ASAP...

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